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Our Vision

Every child is important and has a destiny; every youth is the next world-changer. Our responsibility is to empower them with the tools that will grow them into the person they were created to be.

Our Story

Our journey began when we began going into the inner-city to minister to the children and youth.  We sadly observed how they were devalued and left for the world to destroy. Girls of a certain age are told by their mothers, "If you want something to eat, find a guy to sleep with and he will buy it for you." Most families lack a father in the home. 6-year-olds walk around the community carrying their infant sibling.  All of our senses were assaulted by these and many other heart-breaking atrocities. Most adults tell us, "That is not my problem."  I realized it might not be our problem, but it certainly is our opportunity.

We have been there working, crying, loving, holding, smiling rejoicing, feeding, and housing these youth and children when everyone else in their lives turned away and left them to fend for themselves. Life after life has experienced a demonstration of the love of God on many levels. And God is not done yet!

Meet the Team

In every company or organization, the most precious resources are the people who have partnered to see the vision and mission fulfilled; The Jesus Way is no different.

The team that works with us has taken the vision as their own and have embraced the youth as literally their own relative or sibling.

Through them all, God is doing incredible things in the youth!

Travis And Yvonne

Travis & Yvonne Stewart

Founders & CEO

Travis and Yvonne, married in July 1995, have been in ministry together from the beginning.  Their heart is to impart the love of God to all they come in contact with, focusing on outcast youth and children. Since Travis and Yvonne believe God calls families together to serve Him, their three sons have grown up in the ministry and learned to serve in various capacities throughout their lives.

Raymond, 17, currently leads praise and worship on the keyboard; he is also learning sax and guitar. Raymond has a servant's heart to help in any way needed, and so stays quite busy between school and ministry activities.

Russell, 19, is in charge of making everyone feel welcomed and loved; he also serves the Lord in the dance and in the general maintenance of the ministry facilities.

Roger, 20, has blessed the ministry by serving in every known capacity, his favorite of which was leading praise and worship vocally. After attending and graduating from Victory Bible College, Roger enlisted in and is now serving in the US Marine Corp.

Ambassador team leaders

Ambassador Team

Team Leaders

The Ambassador Leaders are dedicated individuals with a BIG heart for the youth of Jamaica.

Missy Hill has been with us the longest, serving faithfully for almost 6 years. Missy's gifting has her leading small groups, praise and worship, and staying in regular contact with the youth girls.

Jerome Walker was the next to join our team. Jerome flows well in many capacities including leading a guys small group, MCing our weekly services, and bringing high-energy into the group.

Hyacinth Roberts joined with us as she was going through our Bible school a few years ago. Hyacinth wanted to be a part of the ministry to the youth, and was well-received as a mother-figure that all the youth just want a hug from.

Ann Reynolds has also been with us for several years, first with children's ministry and then with the youth. Ann brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to the team as she spends hours counseling and mentoring those that are going through a crisis of just need an ear and advice.

Pastor Andrew Lewars is one of the youth whose life was radically saved through the ministry, began attending Ambassadors, was raised up and became a leader. With a call on his life to preach/teach, he also leads Ekklesia our 20 something ministry with His wife Kev.

Our goal to disciple youth to be the salt and light in their schools and community happens because of this team.  We believe that the next revival will come from the youth, and we are doing our part to empower the next generation to be ready for their part.


Church Leadership

Jesus Way Church

Jesus Way Church is a modern-day church of Acts where individual growth is drawn out of each member of the body.  We believe that the Word of God is true and everything else must line up with it.  We believe that every believer has a part to play in bringing the Kingdom of God to the earth. Our goal is to connect with other believers and see each other fulfill the call of God on their lives!


Next Steps

Come on and join our team to be a part of what God is doing in Jamaica!

  • Short-term (1 week - 2 weeks)
  • Long-term (1 month - 3 months)
  • Internship (9 months or longer)
  • If you live in Jamaica (any weekend)