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This project's purpose is transporting the youth and children living in the inner-city who want to attend services and outings hosted by The Jesus Way. We take them from where they live downtown up to Heaven's Embassy, located in Red Hills, where we hold our meetings. This provides a safe environment for these precious ones to play, worship, hear divinely-inspired messages, and find out they have a purpose beyond the lies they have been told for years.  

Recently, a youth came to me and said, "Pastor, we are not going to be able to carry anyone else in the buses you have." (Currently, we carry 50-60 youth, a few times a week, 40-50 minutes away, in two 16-passenger vans.  The youth do not complain, and keep inviting their friends, but we just cannot fit any more in.) He then said, "I think you are going to have to tell all the youth they are going to have to take turns. Some come this week some the next and so on."  I said to the young man, "No, sir.  You keep inviting them; we will figure something out."

Will you help be the solution to the challenge that faces us in reaching the youth of West Kingston?

The bus we are looking at is $25,000. Already half has come in. This is very doable if we all work together. Pass the word and let's get this done!